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Welcome to GolfersUnion – Your Ultimate Source for Golfing Delights!


Are you passionate about golf? Do you dream of teeing off on lush greens, perfecting your swing, and experiencing the thrill of the game? Look no further because GolfersUnion is here to make your golfing dreams come true!


At GolfersUnion, we believe that every golfer deserves a chance to enjoy the exhilaration of this remarkable sport. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering exciting opportunities for golf enthusiasts like you to win fantastic prizes and embark on unforgettable golfing adventures.


Imagine yourself strolling across picturesque fairways, breathing in the fresh air, and feeling the gentle breeze as you prepare for your shot. Our exclusive giveaways provide you with the chance to win top-of-the-line golf equipment, luxurious golf vacations, and coveted tee times at renowned courses around the world.

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Mark K.

First Prize Winner 

Golfers Union is proud to congratulate our champion on their remarkable victory in our first contest, earning them the esteemed Mulligan Hat valued at 40 CAD. 

Kevin C.

Second Prize Winner

Congratulations to him on his victory in our inaugural ball box competition! As a member of the esteemed Golfers Union, we are thrilled to celebrate his exceptional achievement.

Mobile Entries

First Prize Winner

Golfers Union proudly announces the victory of our Second contest winner. They have earned a valuable 40 CAD Mulligan hat, showcasing their dedication and passion for golf. 

Mobile Entries

Second Prize Winner

Second contest at Golfers Union! You have received a Golf Town Gift card valued at 20 CAD. Stay connected for more amazing opportunities to achieve victories in the game. 

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